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Health Alert: Flu

The 2012-2013 FLU season has reached epidemic proportions here in the Tristate area. If you have not done so, go to your doctor or local pharmacy post haste and get a flu shot. This vaccine may not ...
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A patient died of sepsis three months after having an aortic valve replaced by a New York cardiologist. The family of the decedent sued the cardiologist alleging that an infection was already present ...

BEWARE of Social Networking Sites

Why do social networks such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter and others matter so much? People who consistently use Facebook, My Space, Twitter or other social networking sites to post events, pictures ...
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September 11th Thoughts

New York:Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? It is a day that will live on in our minds and our history books, a day we will recount to our children and grandchildren, a day when our ...
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Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Jury Duty

Oh no, I just received a notice to report for jury duty in Kings County (Bronx County, New York County, Nassau County, Suffolk County or Westchester County)! What do I do now? I really can’t ...
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Immediate Action Required

In a continuing effort to undermine the basic rights of injured victims, the insurance lobby has renewed its efforts to generate large profits by lobbying legislators and your representatives in ...
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This year New York City has experienced one of its worst winters on record and its not over yet. In fact, January 2011 snowfall accumulations have surpassed the previous record in NYC. While the City ...
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Identity Is Our Most Important Possession

We recently helped a woman, Ms. A, who had a streak of bad luck. Her husband had left while she was pregnant; her baby was born prematurely with many medical problems (requiring her to move to a ...
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Don't Schedule Elective Surgery For July!

2010 study from the University of California San Diego shows that the number of deaths from medication errors in hospitals stayed the same for 11 months of the year but spiked significantly in the ...
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Wrongful Death Statute: Crying for Change

Has your family has suffered the loss of a child or retired elderly parent who may have died as a result of medical malpractice, a car, bus or other motor vehicle accident; a slip or fall, a school, ...
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Right-of-Way: Never Proceed Blindly!

Nearly one-third of all motor vehicle accidents are caused by discourteous drivers [C&T March Digital 2010]. But rude drivers who tailgate and cut-off other motorists are not the only ones causing ...
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Special Treatment for Insurers and Protection from Malpractice

If your health insurance company denies your doctor's request for a necessary test and, months later, when they finally approve your condition has deteriorated and is no longer easily treated, ...
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Bulging Discs Can Bring Down A Giant

New York Giant's middle linebacker, thirty-one year old Antonio Pierce, has been sidelined "indefinitely" from completing his 2009 football season with a bulging disc in his neck. It may ...
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New Mammography Dilemma

No one doubts that mammograms save lives! The new guidelines issued recently by the government task force on mammograms states: annual mmamography for women over age 50, rather than age 40, should be ...
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