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Elyse J. Stern receives 2017 Outstanding Women in Law award from Hofstra Law.

Bronx Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Serving Bronx, Kings County & Brooklyn, Queens, Suffolk, Nassau, Manhattan, and Westchester County

Litigating medical malpractice cases in New York State is often a complex matter which requires a high degree of sophistication, experience and advanced training in order to produce a successful result.  Having represented hospitals and doctors in defense of these claims immediately after graduating from law school, Alan Stern has a unique understanding of both the defense and prosecution and has developed a highly successful approach to achieving victory when prosecuting negligent medical providers on behalf of patients for well over twenty-five years.

While the vast majority of physicians are competent and well-meaning, you probably know someone who has suffered injury or nearly died, because of medical mistakes in a hospital. Injuries resulting from medical malpractice are much more common than most people realize.  Medical errors can occur at the best metropolitan hospitals, as well as small town proprietary hospitals.  You may remember actor Dennis Quaid, who starred in over 50 films.  In November 2007, he and his wife experienced the near tragic deaths of their newborn twins at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, when they were accidentally given massive overdoses of a blood thinner.  This kind of medical malpractice often goes unreported, and is even covered up at times.

Medical Malpractice Statistics

When doctors make errors the results can be catastrophic. In the United States, medical errors are estimated to result in 44,000 to 98,000 unnecessary deaths and 1,000,000 excess injuries each year.  It is estimated that in a typical 100 to 300 bed hospital in the United States, excess costs of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 result because of prolonged stays and complications due to medication errors alone, annually.  Medical errors are one of the nation's leading causes of death and injury.  The true tragedy is that many of these medical malpractice fatalities are often preventable with the application of proper care.

Despite the claims by the physician groups and medical malpractice insurers that our litigation system is inundated with groundless lawsuits, the studies have shown that “most malpractice claims involve medical error and serious injury.” The New England Journal of Medicine (May 11, 2006).  In this study, the reviewers found that almost all of the malpractice claims involved a treatment-related injury. More than 90% involved a physical injury, which was generally severe (80% resulted in significant or major disability and 26% resulted in death). The reviewers judged that 63% of the injuries were due to physician error.

Act Quickly! Contact a Bronx Medical Malpractice Attorney Today!

As the statute of limitations is generally shorter for medical malpractice claims (doctors, dentists or podiatrists) than other types of negligence claims, time is often of the essence.  As there is no fee for a consultation, why hesitate?  Contact an experienced Bronx medical malpractice attorney at the Stern Law Firm to discuss your claim at 516-294-2664 or 718-416-1500.