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Elyse J. Stern receives 2017 Outstanding Women in Law award from Hofstra Law.

Bronx Workers Compensation Attorney

Helping Injured Workers in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Suffolk, Nassau & Westchester County Seek Workers' Comp Benefits

Construction and other work-related accidents account for thousands injuries to workers every day in the New York Metro area.  These cases involve construction site falls, scaffolding collapses, heavy machinery accidents, exposure to toxic chemicals and repetitive strain injuries.

Employees are often injured in work-related accidents by dangers and defects at work, or by their substandard working conditions, and are entitled to compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages, as well as a limited sum for permanent disability (scheduled loss).  Workers compensation is a state-required insurance program intended to compensate injured workers for medical expenses and time off work, regardless of whether the worker was at fault for the injury.  The system was put in place to ensure workers are quickly covered for medical expenses and wages but this system does not provide for fair or adequate compensation for pain and suffering, which may last for years beyond scheduled retirement.  However, changes in the law, place a ten year cap on future benefits.

Unfortunately, not all injured workers end up being fairly compensated through this government program. Employers generally contract with private insurance companies for their worker’s compensation coverage or pay these benefits themselves.  And like all businesses, insurance companies and private employers are in the business of making money.  They will try to protect their own interests by limiting their pay-outs even though YOU were injured in the course of your employment working hard to profit your employer.  That is why you need two types of lawyers with expertise in the worker’s compensation claims field, as well as those experienced in the field of tort law and personal injury.

Finding the Right Workers' Compensation Lawyers

While we at the Stern Law Firm fight hard to protect your personal injury claim, we will make sure that you are protected by specialists in the field of Workers Comp law, as well.  While we will fight hard to maximize your personal injury recovery, we will recommend local workers compensation attorneys who will process your claim and protect your rights in the short term, securing payments until you get back on your feet.  The workers compensation lawyer is awarded a fee at the end of your case by the Worker’s Compensation Judge and then his or her fee is paid directly by the insurance company, not by you.  It is important to remember that workers compensation and personal injury attorneys are two different fields of law and the best attorneys come from separate firms.  We will help coordinate this for you at no additional charge and work synergistically to maximize your recovery in both areas.  We will assess any claims you may have against your employer for grave injury or against a third-party for negligence or labor law violations.

At the Stern Law Firm, we have many years of experience helping New York residents in these type of work place cases and we will recommend only highly skilled worker’s compensation attorneys to our clients. Remember, a review of your negligence or personal injury case is always free at the Stern Law Firm.  Be prudent and call us immediately.

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