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Bulging Discs Can Bring Down A Giant

New York Giant's middle linebacker, thirty-one year old Antonio Pierce, has been sidelined "indefinitely" from completing his 2009 football season with a bulging disc in his neck. It may pose not just an end to his season, but quite possibly an end to his football career.

Damage to spinal discs is the most common of all "soft tissue" injuries experienced by people involved in accidents. This is most significant in motor vehicle accidents where sudden deceleration or acceleration cause enormous forces to collide behind the weight of heavy metal, all in an instant. Herniated discs which pinch nerves and cause chronic pain are often seen on the MRIs of accident victims as a result of these sudden and intense forces. Unlike fractures which often result in complete healing without residual limitations, often neck and back injuries pose chronic conditions which leave victims with permanent limitations and life long injuries.

Age can often influence disc problems as well. Attempting to downplay the significance of neck and back pain which impacts on the work place, household responibility, and social events is a fallacy as Antonio Pierce now understands. These types of injuries are debilitating and must be taken very seriously. It is very important to find a medical doctor who specializes in trauma and rehabilitation therapy to manage your care and provide the best chance of recovery.

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