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Elyse J. Stern receives 2017 Outstanding Women in Law award from Hofstra Law.

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys in the Bronx

Every year, thousands of workers are injured on the job and even killed because of lack of proper safety equipment, or due to worker safety violations, defective equipment, or poor supervision. Due to the high incidence of injuries or death, construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations in America today.  Scaffold collapses, falls, unprotected work zones, and dangerous machinery all contribute to unnecessary and often avoidable injuries.

If you are a victim of a construction site accident, you should know that the owners, general contractors, architects and engineers may be found responsible for safety violations.  Under the NY Labor Law, the building owner and general contractor are ultimately responsible for the safety of their workers and subcontractors, as well as guests.  It is the duty of the general contractor to provide a safe work place and to warn workers of the possible hazards that may exist at any given time at the site.  As there are often many subcontractors working on a construction site, each is responsible for ensuring that proper safety regulations are met, and that the work environment is safe for all workers involved.  The creation of a dangerous condition at the construction site often imposes strict liability on the owner and general contractor automatically and often results in the basis for valid claims for monetary recovery by the injured worker and/or his family.  Under certain circumstances, even guests or passersby to the work site can institute successful lawsuits as well.

Here at the the Stern Law Firm, we strive to help injured workers or victims of construction site accidents receive full and fair compensation against careless or negligent third-parties where applicable (although employees cannot generally sue their employers directly without the existence of third party negligence under the Workers Compensation Laws, there are exceptions).  If you have been injured at the work place and would like to learn more about your rights, please contact an experienced Bronx construction accident lawyer at the Stern Law Firm today!